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Dinoi 09dccdb81c
Helvetiny85 3.3Volt
6 years ago
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helvetiny85 and helvetiny85 3.3 V

here you can find the Board Helvetiny85 (Files: HelveTiny_1.0.brd,HelveTiny_1.0.sch) and the Board Helvetiny 85 3.3 Volt (Files: HelveTiny85_3.3V.brd, HelveTiny85_3.3V.sch). Now we have also a Fritzing Part File you can directly work with the Helvetiny85 in Fritzing.


If you would like to buy our kits. Helvetiny85: http://shop.boxtec.ch/helvetiny85-kit-p-42657.html Helvetiny85 3.3 Volt: https://shop.boxtec.ch/helvetiny85-kit-33v-p-42931.html


Helvetiny85: http://playground.boxtec.ch/doku.php/arduino/attinyusb/helvetiny85 Helvetiny85 3.3 Volt: https://playground.boxtec.ch/doku.php/arduino/attinyusb/helvetiny85_3.3_v



Support Thread


Have fun. Dinoi